miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014


 The real spicy chile

The main benefit of our company is to provide our new customers a rich and spicy green sauce, with which you can accompany your food feeling the delicious Mexican twist.

a. to acquire the little Mexican Salsa, give your food a rich, spicy flavor, also can accompany the friends and rich snack.
b. It is a 100% Mexican product made ​​with the best mexican, seeking to satisfy the palate of foreign customers.
c. It has an affordable cost for all audiences.
d. It is a fresh product, tasteless cooling
e. Is  sale in major gourmet shops
f. Better cost benefit of its category.
g. There are different types depending on the amount of sauce spicy.
h. Combine different chillis.
i. Made with 100% natural
j. The whole process is done in Mexico by Mexican hands.

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